Paul Friedlander Videos

scientific artist

light sculptor




Puca Festival, Slane Castle, Ireland, 2021



Warm Up Festival - Hertfordshire 2021




Mars and Beyond - London 2020




Paris Fashion Week 2020
Iris van Herpen new collection



EVENT TWO 2019, Royal College of Art, London



Light Art District Skopje North Macedonia



FIELDS experimental collaboration with dancers Giacomo Luci and Paul Vezin
dancers with Opera Lyon
Music by Jean-Pierre Barbier and Ulysse Junek


Light Harp at Shambala Festival, Near London, 2017


Spinning Cosmos with Digital Creatures at Art Futura Roma 2017


Running in Circles, Dancing in Waves, a dance performance created in collaboration with the principal and students of Showit Dance Acedemy, Almada; music and choregraphy by Zoot Lynam, Lumina Festival, Cascais, Portugal, September 2016. Video shows entire performance (20 minutes)


The New Art Foundation, with the support of Eurecat and funded by the Beep Electronic Art Collection, announced an open call for applicants for a research and artistic production grant for the 2015-2016 year. The objective is to connect artists, scientists and engineers so that the artistic and scientific methods may converge, creating new lines of knowledge that culminate in the development of a new work of art. The winner, Paul Friedlander is involved with an ongoing collaboration. The time line has been extended and will continue in 2018.


Much of my work in the noughties involved projection of animation in unusual ways, onto kinetic scuptures. More recent installations continue to include unusual video projection, here is an extract from the animation for the Digital Creatures shown in Art Futura Roma in 2017.


Kinetica Museum presents Gravity, an exhibition at the Hospital Club, London 2015.


Setting up Wave Garden, my first ever major outdoor light installation at Cascais Light Festival in Portugal 2014.


Proposal for an extraordinary mirror room. Most people may have stood inside a conventional mirror room with its multiple reflections stretching off to infinity. I asked myself what it would happen if the mirrors were tilted. Depending on the tilt, various surprises await us. There is an unexplored world of non perpendicular mirror rooms waiting to be created. In this animation I used the physics of mirror reflection to hint at some of the many rooms that are possible.

I developed this idea as a proposal for a new musuem being built in Brazil. In the end they did not choose to go ahead with it. The animation was completed at the end of 2012 and I kept it secret all these years in the hope that I might yet build the mirror room and astonish the world. The idea awaits a good sponsor to bring it to realisation.


Spinning Cosmos: Installation and excerpts from a lecture given at MUMI, Montevideo, November, 2012.


Spinning Cosmos set up and under test in my London Studio, 2012.


Origin of String Theory: interactive installation, phaeno science centre, Wolfsburg, Germany, 2012.


String Waves at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry: 26 feet tall, touch screen controlled light sculpture opened 18 March 2010.


Abstract Cosmology at the first Jerusalem Light Festival, 2009. Light art was spread out all around the old city and environs. Abstract Cosmology was in Archaeological Park which just outside the Temple Mount. The Wailing Wall and Al-Aqsa Mosque can be seen in the background.


Timeless Universe at the Sala Parpallo, Valencia, Spain: Emersive installation in tunnel shaped gallery space, 17 May - 9 July 2006.


The Light Tree: computer simulation of proposed new installation to be sited in an open space on the East India Dock Road, London. Sponsored by Splash Arts in association with Tower Hamlets Council.


Abstract Cosomology: Installation created for maquinas&almas exhibition, Reina Sofia Musuem Madrid, 26 June - 13 October 2008.


Enigma of Light: Installation created for Souls and Machines Exhibition (Maquinas & Almas), Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid, 26 June - 13 October 2008.


Lecture given at Media Lab, Prado, Madrid, 27 June 2008.


Submission to Prix Ars Electronica 2005. Computer animation created using the Artist's custom software.


Experimental hand held light sculpture, London studio 2004.



Experimental hand held light sculpture 2, London studio 2004.





Exhibition in Gijon, Spain 2003.


Interview with Artist



Maison Des Arts, Creteil, Paris, 2001. Interview with the Artist.


Dark Matter at Lightforms 98, an international competition to create interactive light sculptures on a monumental scale organised by ASCI and hosted by The New York Hall of Science.