Paul Friedlander

Physicist / Kinetic light sculptor

Raised in Cambridge on a diet of relativity and cosmology. My father, F G Friedlander FRS, was a reader at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics which is also home to Stephen Hawking. My mother, Yolande, a locally reknown artist painted and made mono-prints and ceramics.

· One time aspiring cosmologist and interstellar propulsion expert. Metamorphosed to stage lighting designer, scientific artist and light sculptor.

BSc in physics from Sussex University, my personal tutor, Sir Anthony Leggett, subsequently received the Nobel Prize for work on superfluidity.

· BA in Fine Art from Exter College of Art.

Selected Career Highlight:

1995 A prize winner at the prestigious ARTEC, Japans leading hitech art show.

1998 LIGHTFORMS '98 winner New York. Received the USHIO America Award for Innovation.

2003 Kinetic Art Organisation Prize Winner.

2004 Kinetic Art Organisation Prize Winner.

 ·2006 Timeless Universe : Valencia, Spain, art science installation based on Julian Barbour's cosmology.

· 2008 Souls and Machines, Reina Sofia Museum, Madrid, Spain.

· 2010 Permanent commissions open in 3 locations:  Anchorage Museum, Alaska; Chicago Museum of Science and Industry; Copernicus Centre, Warsaw, Poland.

· 2011 Persistence of Vision: Art Futura XXI, Bilbao, Spain.

· 2012 Spinning Cosmos: Art Futura 2012, MUMI, Montevideo, Uruguay

· 2013 An Alternative Approach: Tallinn Light Biennale, Estonia

· 2014 Wave Garden, Lumina Light Festival, Cascais, Portugal

· 2015 Interplay, Singapore Science Centre

· 2017 Spinning Cosmos with Digital Creatures: Art Futura Roma, Italy

· Exhibited on four continents and twenty countries.

Full CV

pyf@paulfriedlander .com