Zip Art for Windows 95

As a light sculptor, when I first tried using computer graphics software I had the impression that something was missing. Just as a word processor is a glorified typewriter and filing cabinet combined, a typical graphics package is a drawing board, pens and airbrush. Very useful but the computer was not being used to its full potential. I wanted it to do something that just looked magic. I decided to write my own software, this is the result.

As soon as you get your hands on Zip Art, you will find how easy it is to create surprisingly subtle and beautiful images. Intricate forms appear effortlessly with each mouse movement, it looks like your computer has come alive! You can try an online version now by clicking on Java Zip. (Warning! Only click on Java Zip if you are using a fully Java compatible browser such as Netscape 3. Internet Explorer will crash.) After the Applet area turns grey and black again, click down with your mouse and draw on it. Notice how beautifully the colors are blended.

Java Zip only shows you a hint of what is possible with Zip Art. If you download Zip Art you will have available 10 ready made color palettes, a color editor for creating your own color palettes, a choice of backgrounds and pen widths, literally hundreds of different drawing tools and numerous other special effects including animation. There are 2 animation demos, a tutorial and help files.

Easy to learn, intuitive and simple to use, you will progress from Fingerpaint onto Aliens and Bios in a matter of minutes. You draw using a choice of graphic tools. Each tool produces beautiful forms. With your mouse you control their size, shape and position and merge them into one another. Then at the touch of a button they come 'alive' and dance on your screen.

Most of the images decorating this website were created with a single mouse movement.

Question: Is this a toy or a serious graphical tool?

Answer: Both, it is so easy 5 year olds will fall in love with it instantly, parents and teachers will realise how stimulating it is for the creative potential of their children. Adults who enjoy art will love it too. Unlike clip art, anyone who uses Zip Art will be creating their own original images which they can print or save as bitmaps.

For artists and graphics professionals, Zip Art offers a host of features enabling the rapid production of highly polished images which can be used 'as is' or exported to other software environments and seamlessly embedded into any number of other uses.

Question: What do I need to run Zip Art?

Answer: A pentium is recommended. It must be running Windows 95 or Windows NT. There is no Mac version currently available.

You can download Zip Art, It is free.

ZIP ART for Windows Download Now. ZIP file, 800 KB.

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