Art Futura XXI

Bilbao Spain 14 July - 18 September 2011- Alhondiga Bilbao

I have created a new interactive light sculpture: visitors select images of my earlier artworks using a touch screen. The images are digitally processed in real time using custom software to create a pallete of colours in the new light sculpture. Below the light sculpture is the touch screen used for interactive control. Top photo taken in my studio when sculpture was nearing completion, photos below taken after installation in Bilbao.

The sculpture is an example of the use of my invention chromastrobic light, light that changes colour faster than the eye can see. The sculpture is in fact lit by only one colour at each instant but appears to be multi-coloured. These photos faithfully show how it looks to the human eye.

Art Futura is the premier Spanish exhibition and conference of futuristic and media art held annually in various cities around Spain for the last 21 years. This year's exhibition is a historical journey through the 21 editions of the festival exploring the most important projects and ideas that emerged in the international panorama of new media, interactive design, video games and digital animation.

Art Futura XXI is curated by Montxo Algora, founder and director of Art Futura. Full details of the exhibition can be found at AlhondigaBilbao