Abstract Cosmology in Jerusalem

10 - 16 June 2009

Overview of Jerusalem Archaeological Park during the Festival of Light

The golden dome on the left is Al Aqsa mosque. The other sides of the park in view are bounded by the walls of the old city. My light installation, Abstract Cosmology, is over to the right in the middle distance.

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Abstract Cosmology
A flowing stream of changing images, mostly abstract mixed with mathematical symbols are shown on the three light sculptures that form this installation.

Abstract Cosmology, shown in 2008 at the Reina Sofia in Spain, was installed outside for the first time at the Jerusalem Festival of Light.

The installation has an overall height of six metres. The largest light sculptures are more than two metres in diameter.
Many thanks to Ariel Municipal Company for inviting me to participate. Artistic director: Eduardo Hubscher. "Light in Jerusalem 09" an initiative of the Jerusalem Development Authority together with Jerusalem Municipality and the Ministry of Tourism and produced by Ariel Municipal Company.