Spinning Cosmos

Montevideo, Uruguay, 7 - 17 November 2012

In April 2011, an unknown physics professor, Michael Longo of the University of Michigan, published an article showing he had found evidence for spiral galaxies to prefer one direction of spin. There was no great fan fare of excitement, this was not a Higgs moment, but his discovery if confirmed may have profound consequences and his name maybe remembered as one of the great men of science.

I have always been fascinated by cosmology, the study of the origin and overall nature of the universe, and this discovery maybe one of the most important developments in this field in my lifetime. I created Spinning Cosmos with the active support and help of Professor Longo. The light installation uses data gathered by Longo.  It was premiered at MUMI in Montevideo as part of ArtFutura 2012. To learn more about the cosmology, click here. Many more links at the foot of this page including alink to video on You Tube showing entire festival.







I constructed nearly 30 spinning sculptures in the process of developing this installation. Some I subsequently destroyed, some I decided were to fragile to travel. The first public show was a selection of the 12 best pieces.


The projections are a flowing stream of images. They blend abstract form with a virtual 3D model of Longo's galaxies together with text, figures and data selected from his work. Here you see fragments of the introduction to his paper.


Download video of installation and lecture in Montevideo

Download video of installation in artistudio (links below)

low resolution

medium resolution


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Other links to the science:

Michael Longo's original article. (14 April 2011, arxiv.org and Physics Letters B, technical)

New Scientist Report on Longo's Work (17 Oct 2011, may need to be a subscriber)

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