October Gallery

Intelligence Now Opened 4 November 2004, celebrating 25 years of the October Gallery

As part of this event the foyer of the October Gallery was completely redesigned and transformed into a light installation, I was given the commission to create this transformation.
The walls were painted in a pure ultramarine blue, circular mirrors and a group of three light sculptures were installed.
The space was blacked out and the only lighting came from a video projector displaying algorithmically generated images in real-time by software I wrote.
I named the work Chromatoforms, word play on the term chromatophore, an organ possesed by cephelapods: squid, octopus and cuttlefish. This enables them to change colour at will, not only as a camouflage but as a means of communication. These apparently lowly invertabrate show surprising intelligence. I chose this slightly obscure subject knowing that the October Gallery is home to another remarkable charity, The Planetary Coral Reef Foundation. It has has been sailing the oceans monitoring the state of marine life for many decades, and their never ending journey has been conducted in a concrete sailing ship, the Heraclitus, built by the founders of the gallery.