Art Rock 2003 St Brieuc Brittany France June 6 - 8

Art Rock is held annually in the small town of St Brieuc. This festival is mostly popular music but includes a selection of many artforms, including theatre, street performance and digital arts. I was the only visual artist showing at this years festival. The exhibition was at La Passerelle, the large venue in the centre of town.

The exhibition was held in a darkened room. It was very popular with a constant crowd watching the light sculptures.The sculptures were susupended from the ceiling at a height of about five metres.

The visuals were accompagnied by sounds created using remarkable software that converts images to sounds. It had long been my wish to reverse the process of making lights respond to sound and this show was the first to achieve this goal using software called the Voice. Originally developed as an aid to the blind, you can read more about this at their website. Many thanks to Joost Rekveld, organiser of Sonic Light, for originally drawing my attention to this software, and many thanks to its creator, Peter B.L. Meijer, for giving permission for using it.