Java Zip

After the area below this text turns grey and black again, scroll these words out the way, click down with your mouse and draw on it. You will have to be patient as Java Applets take time to initialise after they have downloaded to your computer. When you start drawing notice how beautifully the colors are blended. Java Zip only shows you a hint of what is possible with Zip Art. If you download Zip Art you will have available 10 ready made color palettes, a color editor for creating your own color palettes, a choice of backgrounds and pen widths, literally hundreds of different drawing tools and numerous other special effects including animation. There are 2 animation demos, a tutorial and help files.

If your browser recognized the applet tag, you would see an applet here.

You can download a trial version of ZIP ART for Windows free.

Download Now ZIP file format, 800 KB.

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