Singapore Science Centre

October 2001 - Janauary 2002


Singapore Science Centre hosted a major exhibition of 'Wave Machines', featuring a group of seven new suspended works, and a retrospective of earlier sculptures, 22 in total.The pictures show the suspended works. In the centre is the Floating Wave surrounded by 'Hyper Spheres. These new pieces are coming closer to realising my ideal of creating works that appear to float in the air. The Floating Wave is no longer fixed to the ground. At times the lower extension of the wave comes down to almost touch the floor, while at other moments it lifts high above head height.




The venue is the Atrium of the Science Centre, a spectacularly tall central hexagonal room, it is 25 metres high. There are other rooms of the Science Centre opening out in all directions from this area and balconies at every floor level, giving a great variety of views. In the pictures at the top and below, you can see a staircase rising up to the second level.

The light sculptures hang from a space frame about 10 metres up. You can read about it in the Singapore newspapers, archived on my website here.

Press Coverage

One of the articles reproduced is in English, the other in Chinese. Anyone who can read Chinese, please send me a translation as I am curious to know what the paper had to say!

For more information about the Singapore Science Centre and how to get there:

The Science Centre liked the show so much they wanted to keep most of it. I arrived expecting to provide a temporary exhibition and ended up selling a group of small sculptures and the central Floating Wave.