The Energy Core

Completed February 2001

This permanent installation was commissioned by SMS, a UK based company specialising in satellite data links. The light feature is custom made to fit into a small space resembling a lift shaft located by the entrance to the recently completed new wing of the building. The room is approximately 2.5 metres square in floor area and 5 metres tall. The treatment of the surroundings walls was carefully designed to create the appropriate atmosphere. An illusion of great height is achieved with a circular mirror attached to the ceiling and another on the floor. The mirror in the picture below has a hole, approximately 0.35 metres in diameter cut in the centre to allow a concealed light to shine through. The light installation is not open to the public.



The installation was created in collaboration with Greg Gutbezahl, who designed the treatment of the walls. for more information on his work, visit:

For more information about SMS, visit