Arenas Movedizas festival Gijon, Northern Spain, 20 - 26 September 2003

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The Arena Movedizas festival was a festival of the moving image. The main venue was the Barjola Museum. The museum is a beautiful building: an ancient facade and chapel has been seemlessly welded to a modern interior. The original parts of the building are more than 300 years old. The chapel is an imposing space with a twin domed ceiling 12 metres high. This providided a perfect location for the suspended light sculptures. There are two kinds of sculptures on display: Wave Equations and HyperSpheres.

I consider this the most perfect exhibition I have presented as the space suited the work so well. The tall shape of the room was ideal and the installation was enhanced by the organisers, Fiumfoto, painting the walls black and fitting black carpet specially for this exhibition.

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Organised by fiumfoto