Creteil, Paris - Maubeuge

Two exhibitions in the spring of 2001, first at the Exit Festival, Maisons des Arts, Creteil, located on the edge of Paris and subsequently at the Via Festival, Le Manege, Maubeuge in northern France. I had been invited to show my works at these two annual festivals of performing and visual arts staged by the arts centres.

In Creteil, my largest light sculpture, The Wave Factory, formed a striking focal point, suspended from the 10 metre high ceiling of the three storey high foyer of the building. In total, seventeen of my works were on exhibition located around this architecturally intriguing space.

The Wave Factory is illuminated by a specially designed high powered arc lamp. In this picture, the parallel beam of light can be seen shining down towards the base of the sculpture where a mirror bounces the light back up through the kinetic display.

Le maisons des Arts held several parties throughout the festival. At these times the foyer was crowded with up to a thousand visitors passing through. One evening, the prime minister, M Jospin dropped by.



In Maubeuge, a huge factory was temporarily converted into an exhibition space for the festival.

This area was divided into separate zones using black theatrical curtains. My area was a long corridor, around 10 metres wide and 50 metres long.

Here I can be seen amongst the the small light sculptures which were clustered towards one end of the exibition space.

The exhibition space was not high enough to suspend the Wave Factory light sculpture vertically so instead it was hung at an angle rising along a gentle curve.
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